Technical Setup

Table of Contents

Calibration Between WMR and PhaseSpace

  1. You will need two markers on the floor, registered to the phasespace locations (0,0) and x = 1 meter,z = 0
  2. The left hand WMR controller needs to be connected to the system and working.
  3. Run umajin.exe, (not from the bat file) and select Start VR.
  4. Wait until the scene is completely loaded, and you can see the controller.
  5. Position the controller ring down on the (0,0) marker, with the top of the ring as close to the marker as possible.
  6. While looking at the controller with the headset, press the grip button on the side of the controller.
  7. Move to the +X 1m mark and place the controller in the same way as before, but this time press the trigger button.

This will align the two worlds and not be required again. Once configured you do not need the controller. If there is a problem with alignment delete the room_config.txt and repeat the process.

Tablet Setup

If the tablet you have made is at a different orientation to ours, you can adjust tablet_rotation_xtablet_rotation_y, and tablet_rotation_z properties in the phasespace section of the config.json file.

Phasespace Setup

Included in the root folder is two_person.json which is our session profile. The following files may need editing for your rigids


Launch Setup

The experience can easily be launched by running shared_space_vr.exe. This will automatically run using config.json, which can be configured to your needs.

Auto-run on Boot

  1. Configure the startvr.bat file.
  2. Open the run dialog (Windows Key + R)
  3. Type shell:startup and press Enter to open the Startup folder.
  4. Make shortcut to your startvr.bat file in the Startup folder.

startvr.bat will now run every time the PC boots up.